Aiming to highlight the country of Jordan as a fun tourist destination, Mobile network operator Orange Jordan, along with Ziyad Mazzawi Corporation and Monaco Business Development organised an exciting record-breaking event last week billed as 'Slide Jordan'.

The attempt saw the creation of the Longest slip and slide the world has ever seen, measuring a staggering 611.7 m (2,006 ft 10 in).

To put it into perspective, the slide is nearly as long as Dubai's Burj Khalifa is tall (828 m) and that's the Tallest building ever.

DEAD SEA - A total of 261 foreign and Jordanian employees as well as administrative staff members working at the Dead Sea's eight hotels managed to break the Guinness World record on Thursday for the largest floating image.

DEAD SEA RESORT, Jordan - May 2, 2014 - PRLog -- Amman Jordan - The first of its kind festival will take place on Friday May 2, 2014 at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel Beach. This will be the first edition of the Dead Sea Mud Festival, an annual sustainable event that aims to promote tourism and raise awareness for Jordan's many exceptional Dead Sea natural resources and products.